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Blooms Fall

For fall bloom or colorful foliage try these varieties:
Amsonia, Artemisia, Aster, Belamcanda, Bergenia, Buddleia, Ceratostigma, Clematis terniflora, Cimicifuga, Dendranthema, Eupatorium, Ferns, Heuchera, Japanese Anemone, Liriope, Ornamental Grasses, Sempervivum, Stachys, Tiarella, Tricyrtis and upright Sedum.

  • Bergenia cordifolia 'Winter Glow'

    Bergenia cordifolia 'Winter Glow' (30)ct Flat

    Bergenia cordifolia 'Winter Glow' Common Name: 'Winterglut', Heartleaf Bergenia, Pig Squeak Zones 3 to 8. Full sun to Full Shade. Plants reach 12 to 15 inches tall and 12 inches wide; Clumping habit. Growth rate: Moderate, slowly spreads by creeping...

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