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Blooms Fall

For fall bloom or colorful foliage try these varieties:
Amsonia, Artemisia, Aster, Belamcanda, Bergenia, Buddleia, Ceratostigma, Clematis terniflora, Cimicifuga, Dendranthema, Eupatorium, Ferns, Heuchera, Japanese Anemone, Liriope, Ornamental Grasses, Sempervivum, Stachys, Tiarella, Tricyrtis and upright Sedum.

  • Amsonia String Theory PPAF 25 BR Plants

    Amsonia 'String Theory' PPAF (25) BR Plants

    Amsonia 'String Theory' PPAF (25) BR Plants Common Name: Blue Star'String Theory' can be described as a compact version of the industry standard Amsonia hubrichtii. The compact habit is covered with light periwinkle blue flowers in late spring, flowering...

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  • Aster Grape Crush PPAF 25 BR Plants

    Aster 'Grape Crush' PP33612 (25) BR Plants

    Aster 'Grape Crush' PP33612 (25) Bare Root Plants Common Name: New England AsterBringing refinement to fall blooming Asters, 'Grape Crush' produces a large, very round mound with densely packed flowers. We have observed no lodging in our trials, a...

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  • Amsonia Starstruck PPAF 25 BR Plants

    Amsonia 'Starstruck' PPAF (25) BR Plants

    Amsonia 'Starstruck' PPAF Common Name: Blue StarAlthough this plant will catch your eye in the spring with its sparkling star-shaped, sky blue flowers, you'll be wowed by what follows. An incredibly full habit of vibrant green leaves with lighter midribs...

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  • Amsonia t Storm Cloud 25 BR Plants

    Amsonia t. 'Storm Cloud' (25) BR Plants

    Amsonia t. 'Storm Cloud' (25) BR Plants Common Name: Bluestar ‘Storm Cloud’ is a very exciting new variety that performs well for both northern and southern growers. In spring, new stems emerge near-black with leaves that are very dark green...

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  • Dendranthema Sheffield Pink

    Dendranthema 'Sheffield Pink'

    Dendranthema 'Sheffield Pink' Common name: Fall Daisy, hardy mum. Pink Daisy MumPreviously listed as Chrysanthemum rubellum -Garden or Hardy Chrysanthemum. Zone: 5 to 9. Full to partial Sun. Mature size: 18 to 24 inches tall; spreads to 308...

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  • Amsonia hubrichtii Bluestar 25 BR Plants

    Amsonia hubrichtii 'Bluestar' (25) BR Plants

    Amsonia hubrechtii Blue Star Common Name: blue star, Arkansas Amsonia or Hubricht's Amsonia. Zones (4) 5 to 8 (9). Full to partial sun. Plants reach 24 to 36 inches tall and 30 to 36 inches wide. Herbaceous perennial. Erect, clump-forming plant Growth...

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  • Amsonia Blue Ice 25 BR Plants

    Amsonia 'Blue Ice' (25) BR Plants

    Amsonia 'Blue Ice'' Common Name: Blue Star. Zones 3 to 9 Full sun to Part Shade. Mature height of 12 to 16 inches and a spread of 18 to 24 inches. Herbaceous perennial, an erect, clump-forming, compact cultivar does not need to be cut back after...

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