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  • Hosta Voices in the Wind PP33265 20ct Flat

    Hosta 'Voices in the Wind' PP33265 (20)ct Flat

    Hosta 'Voices in the Wind' PP33265 CPBRAF - Proven Winners® SHADOWLAND® Collection (20)ct Flat Common Name: HostaThis beautiful variegated hosta will catch your eye with its sophisticated beauty. Blue-green wedge-shaped leaves have very ruffled,...

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  • Hosta Trendsetter PP33296 20ct Flat

    Hosta 'Trendsetter' PP33296 (20)ct Flat

    Hosta 'Trendsetter' PP33296 (20)ct Flat Common Name: HostaGreen, heart-shaped leaves have wide yellow margins. Over the course of the summer, the margins will turn creamy white. The slightly rippled margins will draw attention to its beautiful...

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  • Hosta Spartacus 20ct Flat

    Hosta 'Spartacus' (20)ct Flat

    Hosta 'Spartacus' (20)ct Flat Common Name: HostaThis green-centered sport of 'Sea Gulf Stream' has deeply veined leaves that form a dome-like shape with heavily rippled yellow margins. Pale lavender flowers in early to midsummer. Hostas are exceedingly...

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  • Hosta Seasons in the Sun PPAF 20ct Flat

    Hosta 'Seasons in the Sun' PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Hosta 'Seasons in the Sun' PPAF (20)ct Flat Common Name: Hosta'Seasons in the Sun' is a large, very bright yellow Hosta with a relatively upright habit. Flat leaves have a gentle wave along the margins and deeply impressed veins. Near white...

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  • Hosta Echo the Sun PPAF 20ct Flat

    Hosta 'Echo the Sun' PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Hosta 'Echo the Sun' PPAF CPBRAF - Proven Winners® SHADOWLAND® Collection (20)ct Flat Common Name: Hosta'Echo the Sun' is a bright yellow hosta with nicely rippled margins; comparable to a gold version of the blue 'Diamond Lake'. The low, mounded...

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  • Heuchera Red Dragon PPAF 20ct Flat

    Heuchera 'Red Dragon' PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Heuchera 'Red Dragon' PPAF (20)ct Flat Common Name: Coral BellsAn impressive red Heuchera consisting of massive heavily textured leaves. 5-7" wide burgundy red leaves have a coppery finish with newly expanding leaves showing a silvery overlay. White...

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  • Heuchera Frosted Berry PPAF 20ct Flat

    Heuchera 'Frosted Berry' PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Heuchera 'Frosted Berry' PPAF CPBRAF - Proven Winners® DOLCE® Series (20)ct Flat Common Name: Coral BellsA sport out of the 2023 National Perennial of the Year® 'Wildberry' with matching habit, leaf size, and exceptional landscape performance...

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  • Heuchera Ball Gown PPAF 20ct Flat

    Heuchera 'Ball Gown' PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Heuchera 'Ball Gown' PPAF CPBRAF - Proven Winners® DRESSED UP Series (20)ct Flat Common Name: Coral BellsThe chartreuse companion to last year's breakout sensation 'Evening Gown'! Similar to its dark leaved compatriot, 'Ball Gown' has large, heavily...

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  • Heuchera Twist of Lime PP30618 10ct Quarts

    Heuchera 'Twist of Lime' PP30618 (10)ct Quarts

    Heuchera 'Twist of Lime' PPAF (10)ct Quarts Common Name: Coral Bells Chartreuse yellow leaves beg to be noticed, and is perhaps one of our brightest yellow Heucheras. Ruffling becomes less pronounced as the foliage matures. For best yellow color, site in...

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