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Alchemilla (al-kem-mill-uk), Lady's mantle, rose family. European perennials and annuals of strong, almost weedy growth whose principal attraction is their silvery foliage. Alchemilla plants will grow in nearly any moist, shady area that is well-drained. In the cooler summers of northern zones, they will grow in full sun if kept moist. In the south, they must be sheltered from the harsh afternoon sun and should be planted in fertile, moist soil. Bloom time may be reduced in hot climates. In the north, favorable conditions allow Alchemilla to self-seed freely, with new plants popping up all around the original clump.

Attributes: border plants, in container, cut flower or foliage, edging, in mass planting, easy to grow. Great in alpine or rock gardens; deer and rabbit resistant. Attracts butterflies.

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